males females pets in the world working
males females in the world working
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Name: Torok Edit & Zoltan
Adress-:-Cluj-Napoca -Romania & -Debrecen -Hungary
Mobile Phones: +36205698053 +40740285010

About us

  Hello dear rottweiler-lovers.Finally you found us on the World Wide.

  BLACK TURK is a rottweiler kennel that is based on a very long and hard work. The selection of the bloodlines is one of the most important thing that you have to do when you are starting breeding.

  In our kennel, the rottweiler is not just a pet or a simple animal that lives with us, it isa member of our family.

  Our results in many shows and working exams reflects the quality of our breeding results.

  In our kennel has several Junior Champion, Champion and International Champion titles.

  Enjoy our webpage and have a good luck,


Tompo and me